Too much time on your hands?  Are you looking to find a way to give back? If you have a heart for helping people and making your community a better place, there are many volunteer opportunities in Chicago. Whether you're a veteran or you have never given time to an organization, there's a place for you to fit in.  Helping out can open your eyes to what is going on in your city. By deciding to volunteer, you could be changing lives and making Chicago a better place. 

Mentoring and Helping the Youth of Chicago 


Is a great place to begin. Be a role model to a child - you can change the direction of that child.  These children would be ecstatic to have someone who cares enough to take the time to meet with them and help shape them into a teen or young adult.  Even if it is just shooting hoops or tutoring, spending time with them a couple hours a month can make a huge difference. There are many companies and groups in Chicago that you can look into. 

Food Banks/Food Pantries 


Are always there to help out the community. There are thousands of people in Chicago that are hungry and food banks and panties always are in need of volunteers. The more volunteers, the more people they can serve.  Check out your neighborhood to see what services are available and sign up!

Helping at a Pet Shelter 


Can really benefit you and your community. There are many shelters that are lacking help and support. Shelters are always looking for volunteers whether it is to spend time with the pets or to help feed them.  One of the best jobs in the world is to hold a furry friend - it's instant therapy for both you and the pet.  One animal rescue that is looking for volunteers is Paws Chicago. Who knows! Maybe you will fall in love with a furry friend and decide to adopt or foster one! There are many locations that you can visit. Visit their website at

Volunteers in a Senior Citizen Center 


Are always needed. This will allow you to help the older generation who has helped shape who we are today as a city.  Perhaps you will find out a little about them and learn about their lives. You can make a connection and bring much joy.  Maybe there is a special talent that you have that you can pass on. There is always a need to assist with mealtimes or even read from a favorite book.  Do you like Bingo or enjoy crafts?  Check out the nearest community and call to see how you can help.

Children’s Hospitals 


Are always welcoming guests and volunteers to spend time with the children.  Children love visitors to read books, play games, and to make a craft.  Not only can this make the children happy but it can make the parents happy also.  Giving up some of your free time can allow parents a bit of a respite to grab a coffee or a quick bite.  Doing some legwork to determine what is needed ahead of time is recommended.  If you haven't already make sure to checkout our blog on Your New Home Is Full Of Pride!